Need Information on the Rinjani Package 2023? Here’s the complete info!

Need Information on the Rinjani Package 2023? Here’s the complete info!

Many people plan to go to Mount Rinjani but it takes more work to get complete information on getting there. Please note that visitors to Mount Rinjani can choose the Rinjani package provided by the trekking organizer. Travel to Rinjani will be easier using this service.

When climbing mountains, safety and security are the most important points. Don’t just look for information on the cheapest package prices, but have to look for other info. Don’t worry, those who are planning to go to Mount Rinjani can see price information and the best climbing times below.

Info on Rinjani Package Prices and Safe Climbing Time

The climbers must find valid information about the condition of the mountain to what preparations to bring. There have been many mountain climbers whose fate was not good when they lacked knowledge before climbing. The following is price information, porters and guides, preparation, and safe time to climb Mount Rinjani:

Rinjani Package Prices 2023

In 2023 the budget for climbing Mount Rinjani has increased from previous years. This mountain, which is located on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, has always been a tourist attraction. The increase in climbing prices is very reasonable because the basic price, of accommodation each year goes up.

To make it easier to estimate how much it will cost, the costs of climbing for 2 people will be explained here. The climbing time itself is estimated to be 3 days and 2 nights according to the selected program or package.

The first calculation is the expense of transportation costs from Lombok Island to Sembalun, Tetebatu, or Senaru round trip. If from the airport it costs IDR 1,300,000 to go to Senaru, Sembalun. To go to Tetebatu it costs Rp. 900,000.

The above fees are the same as those from Mataram Senggigi. Then if you come from Bangsal, it costs less to go to Senaru Rp. 900,000, Sembalun Rp. 1,200,000 and Tetebatu Rp. 1,000,000. As an additional note, this fee is specifically for full AC charter vehicles, which will be cheaper if you use public transportation.

The budget that costs money is the budget for buying food, drinks, and renting equipment for climbing Mount Rinjani. But this cost can be minimized by bringing some of your tools. The following details the cost of 2 people for the 3 days 2 nights package in tabular form:

NoName of goodsPrice
1Rent sleeping bagsIDR 200,000
2Food, drinks, and fruit including tent rentalIDR 800,000
3Rent cooking equipmentIDR 250,000
4Rent a mattressIDR 75,000
5Gas pricesIDR 125,000
6Rent a tarpaulinIDR 100,000
7Rent lamps and flashlightsIDR 100,000
8Cutlery rentalIDR 105,000
TotalIDR 1,755,000


The cost of the Rinjani package can be reduced if you bring your climbing equipment and the climber’s fee is only for one person. Then costs can also be reduced if climbers choose to use public transportation.

Don’t forget that there is also an additional fee for the entrance ticket to Mount Rinjani National Park, which is IDR 5,000 per person. Then climbers also need money for guides and porters which will be explained later. If you want low costs, climbers can choose a track organizer agent that covers all costs.

Preparation for Rinjani

As a climber, many things must be prepared, starting from the physical, costs, consumption, equipment, and others. For beginner climbers, it is better to ask climbers who have been to Rinjani. The following preparations must be made:

  • Physical: Climbing the mountain requires physical preparation because it takes time and energy. At least before climbing it is mandatory to rest or do sports first. Examples of sports that can be done are swimming, cycling, and jogging.
  • Consumption: Regarding consumption, it is recommended not to bring heavy food. Try to bring chocolate, cake or instant noodles. Don’t forget to prepare drinking water along the way.
  • Equipment: Equipment that must be brought, ranging from jackets, camping equipment, and emergency tools such as knives, and flashlights. These tools can indeed be rented before climbing but it’s safer if you bring your own.
  • Weather information: Previously looked up weather information at the selected time of the hike. Because mountain climbing is a fun activity but also dangerous.

Porter and Guide on Mount Rinjani

These porters and guides are people who will guide the trip to Rinjani as well as lift the climbers’ belongings. Of course, to use the services of porters and climber guides, you are required to pay additional fees beyond the costs above. It’s a good idea to ask if the costs are all in or if are there other additions.

Porter services are calculated per day starting from IDR 200,000 to IDR 300,000. If climbers climb for three days, the costs incurred are IDR 900,000. Porters will charge for cigarettes and other extras up to the top.

Porter’s task is to carry climbers’ goods with a maximum load of 25kg. After that, they also have to cook, put up tents and fetch water. So climbers on Mount Rinjani who use the services of this porter receive clean, just climb and of course, it is much safer than not using services.

How about guides? The cost for this guide is around IDR 400,000 multiplied by 3 if you choose 3 days. These payments do not include cigarette costs and fees to get to the top. The guide has to maintain security, show the way, arrange the way, and have an English translator.

Best Time to Hike to Mount Rinjani

In general, the best time to climb Mount Rinjani is in the middle of the year. If you look at these months, the best months are June, July, and August. The best time is related to weather factors which also affect wind conditions around the mountain.

Wind conditions from June to August are usually quite weak. The mountain is also classified as having no fog, making it easier for climbers to see. This sunny weather allows climbers to enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani.

Use of the e-Rinjani Application

No need to worry about the latest information about Mount Rinjani because climbers can get information via e-Rinjani. One of the benefits provided by e-Rinjani is that it can be used to book tickets online so you don’t run out.

Information about e-Rinjani is indeed mandatory for climbers to record themselves before climbing the mountain. The presence of this online application makes it easier for climbers to book guides when climbing mountains, especially for beginners. So, climbers can immediately search for Rinjani package information on only one website.

Do not forget that e-Rinjani also contains SOP information that must be fulfilled during the climb. This convenience will be very beneficial because climbers no longer need to look for information from various sources. The authenticity of the information must have happened, because it is from the official website.

That’s the latest and most complete Rinjani package information for 2023. Use the middle of the year if you want to get the best views of Mount Rinjani. For climbers 2 people with 3 days and 2 nights, the cost is around Rp. 5,000,000, including a guide and porter.

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