Want a Lombok Tour? Visit Mount Rinjani and Know the Interesting Facts About the Mountain!

Want a Lombok Tour? Visit Mount Rinjani and Know the Interesting Facts About the Mountain!

The island of Lombok, which is in the Province of West Nusa Tenggara, does have natural scenery that is so amazing that it makes many people want to do a Lombok Tour. One of the destinations that should not be missed when doing a tour on the island of Lombok is Mount Rinjani.

The mountain which has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level is considered one of the favorite mountains for tourists both from within and from abroad. The complete information about Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island is as follows.

Interesting Facts about Mount Rinjani

Behind its beauty, Mount Rinjani has several interesting facts that are rarely known to many people. So what are the interesting and unique facts about this mountain? Without wasting any more time, here is the full review.

1. Has a Unique Historical Name

Often a favorite destination for tourists when doing a series of Lombok Tour tours, Mount Rinjani turns out to have a unique historical name. Based on the narrative of the local community, Rinjani comes from the Old Javanese language which means “God”.

The name was taken from a royal princess who at that time accompanied her father to meditate in the mountains of Lombok. Once upon a time, Princess Anjani fell in love and her father disapproved of her, so in the end she exiled herself to the mountains, and the genies in her adopted Anjani as their daughter.

2. The traditions of the residents are still strong

In the Lombok area, especially around Mount Rinjani, the traditions of the people, there are still very strong in carrying out traditional ceremonies such as the Mount Raising Roah Ceremony in the Senaru Traditional Village. This traditional ceremony usually takes place during the dry season and is attended by many people so it is lively.

Apart from that, there is also the Ngayu-ayu ceremony as an invitation ceremony to preserve nature. This is of course very interesting where when tourists climb Mount Rinjani and traditional ceremonies are taking place, the climb will be much more enjoyable because they can witness the unique culture of Lombok directly.

3. Rich in Flora and Fauna

The natural beauty of Mount Rinjani itself has attracted great attention for tourists. Not only is the mountain amazing, but Mount Rinjani is also rich in flora and fauna that can spoil the eyes of travelers who are doing the Lombok Tour.

For information, Mount Rinjani is on the crossing of Wallace’s imaginary line which is the border of Asian and Australian flora and fauna. This is what ultimately makes the area on Mount Rinjani have many exotic flora and fauna such as deer, honey-sucking birds, and the Rinjani civet.

4. Having children from Mount Barujari

Another interesting fact that exists on Mount Rinjani is that it has a sub-mountain named Mount Barujari. It turned out that this mountain child had caused cold lava to take its toll several hundred years ago.

The eruption, which was quite powerful, eventually left traces in the form of a large caldera and other eruption materials. In August 1994, Mount Barujari erupted again, followed by heavy rains in the following months, making it quite difficult for residents to do their activities.

Things to Look For When Going on a Lombok Tour on Mount Rinjani

If you want to do tours on the island of Lombok, especially on Mount Rinjani, tourists need to pay attention to several important things. It is intended that the trip can run safely, and smoothly, and minimize unexpected events. So what are the things to pay attention to? Read the information below to find the answer.

1. Make Preparation Thoroughly

Before climbing Mount Rinjani, you should make careful preparations in terms of climbing equipment and personal equipment. Some of the climbing equipment that needs to be prepared includes daypacks, tents, tracking shoes, thick socks, mountain sandals, sleeping bags, thick jackets and gloves, headlamps, gaiters, a change of clothes, and head coverings.

In addition to climbing equipment, tourists also need to prepare personal equipment such as eating and bathing equipment. Don’t forget also to bring ready-to-eat food such as wheat bread, sardines, and oatmeal, if necessary, and also prepare medicines if needed at any time.

2. Download the e-Rinjani Application and Know the Rinjani Package Prices

If all the equipment has been prepared carefully, tourists from Lombok Tour Mount Rinjani must download the e-Rinjani application for online reservations. In addition, the application also has a list of climbing equipment that must be brought.

Not only downloading the e-Rinjani application, but tourists must also know how much the package costs to climb Mount Rinjani. Usually, the price for this package is in the range of 1.6 million rupiahs and is valid for 3 days and 2 nights. By buying a package price, expenses will be much more efficient because all needs such as lodging and others will be paid for in one package.

3. Find a Porter or Guide

To be safer, Mount Rinjani climbers must use the services of porters or guides available. The porter or guide service itself is a service that will guide tourists when climbing Mount Rinjani. In addition, the service also provides luggage storage services when tourists are carrying out a summit attack.

If you are not interested in using these services, tourists from Lombok Tour Mount Rinjani must establish communication with the local community of nature lovers. Not only is it safe, but it can also create a sense of togetherness among climbers while on Mount Rinjani.

4. Check Weather Predictions

Before climbing Mount Rinjani, tourists should check the weather forecast. Tourists must know the weather conditions on Rinjani and how the temperature is there so that later the journey to the top of Mount Rinjani can take place safely and there are no significant obstacles.

If you want the climb to take place smoothly, then you should come to Mount Rinjani at the most appropriate time. The best time to climb Mount Rinjani is in the middle of the year, such as June, July, or August. In these months, the weather conditions on Mount Rinjani are relatively sunny so that the climb can run smoothly.

5. Select the Appropriate Tracking Path

Another thing that needs to be considered when going to climb Mount Rinjani is the tracking path that will be chosen. It should be noted that the tracking path to get to the top of Mount Rinjani consists of two paths, namely the Senaru route and the Sembalun route, each of which offers different views.

On the Senaru route, tourists will pass a track which is filled with forest and there is often used as a place to carry out religious rituals to the top of Rinjani. Meanwhile, there is also another route called the Sembalun route which is much more popular because there are savannas and winding mountain ridges with ravines on either side.

That’s complete information about Mount Rinjani, starting from interesting facts to several things that need to be considered when going on a Lombok Tour on Mount Rinjani. Experience the beauty of Mount Rinjani and take home interesting and memorable stories from there.

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